Mount Abu Hotel Association often known by the acronym, MAHA is a non profit body formed to protect the lawful interests of hoteliers in Mount Abu and promote greater industry unity and co-operation among it’s members.

By providing useful information and data to members on related industry matters, it also ensures greater professionalism in the industry.

As the official voice of Mount Abu’s hoteliers, MAHA represents the collective views of the industry on all matters affecting hotel operation. It also performs a consultative role in proposed legislation arising from new government policies and measures.

Today, the leadership of the MAHA typifies the hotelier – experienced in all aspects of managing a hotel and dedicated to serving the needs of both leisure and business travelers from around the country and world.

Hoteliers of Mount Abu qualify to become MAHA members only after they fulfill all legal procedures of obtaining the hotel licence to operate a hotel as per the norms and guidelines set by the government.

MAHA being an organisation representing the largest industry Mount Abu, understands its duty and obligation towards promoting safer trade practices along with it’s responsibility of safeguarding and protecting the environment in and around Mount Abu (declared as an Eco-sensitive zone by the Honorable Supreme Court and the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India).


Association Leading Members

Kashyap Jani

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